Emma Tattenbaum-Fine


  • Queen of Hearts: my original stories, and music performed by soprano Noelle McMurtry http://www.noellemcmurtry.com)

    June 20, 2018
    Coming spring 2018 - Stay tuned


  • HQ Trivia Hosting

    Since mid-December 2017, I've been periodically hanging with the HQties of the HQniverse. The shows I've hosted have been really exhilarating as I help a (literal) million people to win free money by answering super hard trivia questions. You can see all of my games, uploaded by fans to YouTube, if you search: HQ Trivia Emma. 

  • MOAN

    Emma Koenig has a new book coming out in May, 2018 and one of my essays will be published in it. It's a book full of curated essays about how women arrive at orgasm and what gets them there. My contribution is both educational and, necessarily, pornographic. I hope you enjoy. 

  • "If These Ovaries Could Talk" and "The Kids"

    In November I was profiled in a beautiful book called, The Kids by Gabriela Herman that introduces many of the grown children of LGBTQ families and allows them to tell their story amid Gabriela's amazing portraits.

    More recently, I recorded an interview with the fabulous new podcast, "If These Ovaries Could Talk". My parents also recorded their own episode to give their own account of their lives as parents. This podcast is finding an eager audience of lesbian couples starting families, as well as people who just like podcasts. The downloads are piling up and I'm really excited to have been an early part of this essential project. 

Photo © Sasha Arutyunova 2013